The Best Coffee Shops in Houston

There’s no better way to relax than with a fresh cup of coffee. Aside from improving your mood and giving you energy, coffee is also a social drink that’s best enjoyed with people you enjoy. However, finding a good coffee spot may be challenging given how many options there are in the city. Read on to learn five of the best coffee shops in Houston, Texas.

Sunday Press

Sunday Press is one of the most sought-after coffee shops in Houston. Aside from good coffee, Sunday Press offers healthy and delicious oats, acai bowls, pastries, salads, and sandwiches. The coffee selection is diverse, as well. The coffee shop has your classic espresso, cappuccino, and Americano. Special options, such as black granita and nitro cold brew, are also on the menu.


Located in east downtown Houston, Koffeteria serves delectable and beautifully plated desserts and pastries. The pastry menu is updated regularly, so there’s always something different or new. The coffee selections include lattes, cappuccinos, cortados, and other traditional blends. Koffeteria has an industrial layout with mid-century furniture. The contrast creates an appealing visual contradiction and makes the coffee shop enticing.

Boomtown Coffee

If you’re craving small-batch specialty coffee, visit Boomtown Coffee, which serves carefully roasted and precisely brewed coffee mixtures, such as the signature Spindletop House Blend and the decaffeinated Sundown Swiss Water Decaf. You can also grab a MiiR mug or bottle so you can enjoy some hot Boomtown Coffee anywhere you go.

Boomtown Coffee cafes have an inviting presence, making them great study, work, and chill spots. They’re well-illuminated with natural light and have adequate spaces for you and your friends. The patios are also pet friendly, so you can bring your pup with you, too. The best thing is that Boomtown Coffee donates 1% of all its roasted coffee sales to charities.


Slowpokes has several nice coffee shops in Houston, with locations in GOOF, Kirby Grove, Spring Branch, and West U. This hybrid coffee shop’s beverage menu is not limited to coffee. There are also beers and wines for you to choose from. As for the food menu, there are pastries, sandwiches, salads, and other local snacks. Slowpokes also sells cool merchandise, such as caps, shirts, stickers, and gift cards.

The Coffee House at West End

Many coffee lovers consider The Coffee House at West End as one of the top coffee shops in Houston. This place has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that’s perfectly complemented by the century-old building it sits on. To add contrast and more character to the place, there’s also a mural depicting fun and modern images on the building’s outer walls. The Coffee House at West End’s menu includes delicious pastries and beverages, such as macchiatos, lattes, Texas two-steps, and cafe au lait.